• “What was your inspiration for the site?”

    The soul of the site lies within the story I am writing.

    “What was the inspiration for the story? What story are you even talking about?!”

    The ‘An Imperishable Phantasmagoria’ Cycle is what I’m talking about, which starts with ‘Stars Bleed’, the first book I’ve ever written. ‘Stars Bleed’ takes inspiration from my cosmic dread, phantasms, nightmares, and more. I suppose I could summarize it all by saying that it’s inspired by existence itself, but, then again, what isn’t?

    “Could you explain more about the story?”

    Maybe at a later date.

  • “Can I get a walkthrough for the site?”

    Not from me, but you’re free to find one and ruin your experience if you so choose.

    “How do I open the Gate? / What is the Gate? What does CoS mean / stand for? What does ‘sol onset’ mean? What does X mean?”

    You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

    “Is it ash, or is it snow?”

    Alas, we may never know…

  • “How did you make your images look so cool / how did you apply the effect to your photos?”

    I get this sort of thing a lot, and it’s tiring to explain why I can’t answer how I made ALL of my images. The images folder for the site holds over 1,000 images. There’s a lot of variation there, and that’s not even counting all of the images I made but didn’t even put into the folder to test out / implement into the site. That sort of question is too vague.

    “So how did you make the image that’s 8191 pixels by 8191 pixels? / How did you make the Truth image?”

    By clicking a lot and flipping pieces around.

    “How long did that take you?”

    A long time.

    “Okay, so what are the programs you use to make your images?”

    Here’s a list I made up in 2016 detailing just that.

    Main ones:
    >SAI - draw frames
    >Gimp - edits / filters
    >CS6 - put it together / more edits - filters

    More distorted bs:

  • “Are you fauux / What’s the password for the login page on fauux’s site?”

    I’m not fauux; I’m Angus, I already said as much. Also, there’s no password for that neocities site since it’s not an actual login. As of now it’s just for show, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    “But why do you have the same color as fauux’s site on your main page?”

    I reverse engineered fauux’s code to get my first pages started code-wise. I knew next to nothing back then, and so it was necessary to use it as a starting point. That being said, I wanted to use a shade of purple in place of #d2738a since that’s a very good color and I quite enjoy it, but as it turns out what I was aiming for didn’t contrast as well as the color fauux was already using with all of the black. So at some point I gave up trying to find a balance between #d2738a and what I wanted and just stuck with that color since it seemed to work better than everything else I tried at the time. Also, I was most likely very frustrated with breaking the code and not knowing what was what and more prone to settling with what worked already.

    “Is this why you use the centered box things like fauux?”

    Yes. I like the centered look of the text. Also, the angle of the image on the Sol_onset page is a nod to fauux’s about me image. I did all of my dithering for that by hand, without any experience on how to do so, since I was under the impression that he did the same thing… but that was just a misapprehension. Oh well…

    “Why all of the fauux connections?”

    fauux’s site was one of the most prominent sites I came across which shattered my preconceived notions of what a site could be. It sparked the idea in me that I could get creative with how my site looked. Once I had the idea to get creative, I inevitably linked the story itself and my site together.