Terminal 00

  • "EV835"

  • First  stage  of  life  outside  of  space. 
    Adapted  to  aquatic  life  (for  now).
    If  able  to  see  the  stars  a
    5  g33re3at  46disturhbha
    nhhce  whill  ojrtccrusr  asf  it  wfy53i2ll
    be2g432irn  sto  jeswatecv54  thee  fdstgajr

  • Look  into  subject's  matrix  (basic  technology)

  • ?BJD?
    Dresses  (repeated)
    Cute(ness?(repeated  once  again))
    Effigies  wrought  of  fantasy.  [Danger]
    Advise  caution  to  all  probes  venturing  forth  to 
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  • ?Some  form  of  audio?
    Playing  fragments  of  such  now...
    Distortion?  caused  by  ?data?  exchange?  ?  ?...?

  • Seems  to  be  derivative  of  something  else.  A  theme?
    Subject  is  listening  for  something...
    in  repeatededededed...
    of  the  same
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  • Stars.  Space
    A  rip  in  our  Cosmos'  dream...

  • Disturbing.

  • Witch
    ???Magic  detected???

  • (Analysis  incomplete)
    (Shares  traits  with  THEM)
    (  ...)

  • Words.  Armor.  Blood.  Scarlet.
    Skies  bleeding.

  • A  fragment  and  a...  Vessel.

  • ?DReaMM???

  • Relates  to  subject's  sleep.
    Seeking  out  something?
    Meeting  ??something??