Terminal 00

  • More audio has been [FOUND].

    Playing a [FAVORITE] track now...
  • ...

    Information corrupted, yet analysis is possible.

    Sending probes to gather further [SUBJECT]

  • 537 audio files found within subject's matrix
    related to [???], Alstroemeria Records.

    [Words, sounds, a message from beyond?]
  • Initial analysis shows no [FOLD] data. Yet
    the information is layered, perhaps to
    prevent the truth from being discovered.
    Probes (classification: [ 17]) have been
    revived to search deeper. information.

  • [CD?] back. Notice the pattern.

    It seems to be pointing to a [LOCATION]
  • ...

    The truth shall be discovered, in time.

  • Detecting further signals...




    Signals are faint, but will be linked here in the
    future once they are strengthened.